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More than 40 years of experience

Glorious Property Holdings is a leading group in the investment field in Asia with many years of experience. Credit Glorious Property Holdings, part of the Glorious Group, is an international financial institution capable of satisfying any need of the companies operating in the international markets.

Our services allow us to be your strategic partner and assist you in developing your business beyond any border.

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The products we offer

Credit Glorious Property Holdings is a financial institution that helps you develop your business. Widen your horizons with our range of financial services.

Bank Guarantees

We offer all types of international bank guarantees to improve your import/export business

Standby Letter of Credit

The most flexible instrument to protect the international trade. It can be used to obtain credit lines and loans.

Letter of Credit

The most used instrument for international transactions, to guarantee the good outcome of your operations.


Financial instruments that allow you to be more competitive


To support you developing your business with expert advisor that can help you seize international opportunities.

Credit Coverage

We can guarantee your reliability with financial instrument tailored on your needs.

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Our strategy

We build trust across the world

Our aim is to deliver quickly and successfully the requested services. Efficacy, organization and competence are a must for our team of professionals. We help you grow your business with strong international expertise.

Best choice

Top services

Credit Glorious is the leading financial institution in the international financial field, that can help you obtain financial instruments from top, AAA-rated, banks.


Bank Guarantee

Our skills are your guarantee



Internationality, efficiency and recognizability of our products


AAA-rated banks

Our advisory improves your contractual conditions

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